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They Were Banned from Facebook!


Extract from their Newsletter!

As you know, we have been marketing the pro-life film The Matter of Life. I have worked on a lot of marketing campaigns in my career, and this has been one of the most difficult films to market.

When God calls us to do something, it may not be popular. In fact, it often comes with opposition, and that certainly proved true for us this week.


Last Sunday, we received notice that Facebook had banned RevelationMedia from their platform. This was due solely for the fact that we have been promoting a pro-life movie. We did the best we could to comply with their policies for advertising The Matter of Life, however, they continued to remove our ads. They eventually turned off all ads for all our movies, stating that we were no longer welcome to advertise on Facebook!

So If you feel this is something you would like to support please spread the WORD around and Sneak A Peek & see the film for yourselves.

Thank You Joseph.


The Matter of Life - Documentary Trailer