“To empower entrepreneurs to launch, build and grow their businesses while continuing to delight our customers.” 

So, what is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a performance marketing company with a global presence, providing our clients with secure payment processing; reliable tracking and payouts; and an extensive affiliate network.

We bring together the innovative and exciting world of ClickBank vendors with the engaging and evolving world of ClickBank affiliates.

Bringing Entrepreneurs Together

ClickBank Vendors can grow their empire through creating both digital and physical products. With ClickBank, entrepreneurs can find a bustling online marketplace to connect with customers and ClickBank affiliates. Customers can directly purchase products by visiting the ClickBank website, or they can purchase the product from the vendor’s site via a ClickBank Affiliate.

As a ClickBank Affiliate, you have the power to promote ClickBank Vendors’ products and earn huge commissions. ClickBank Affiliates a referral link, otherwise known as a HopLink in ClickBank lingo. HopLinks direct potential customers to the ClickBank Vendor’s website. If a purchase is made, then the ClickBank Affiliate receives a percentage of that sale.

Undeniably Reliable

ClickBank creates a dependable and efficient business channel between our affiliates and vendors. Affiliates never have to worry about whether or not they will receive their commission because, upon purchase, it is credited directly to their ClickBank account. Our commerce platform features reliable purchase tracking and commission payouts that are made on time, every time.

The Whole is Greater

When ClickBank Vendors and ClickBank Affiliates are paired together, the synergy of this combination provides Vendors an opportunity  to focus on providing high quality products and for Affiliates to help them scale their businesses to new heights — both earning more than they could on their own.

What makes you click?

If you’re interested in the freedom to be more, do more, and make more on your own terms, to learn more about how to optimize your ClickBank Affiliate or ClickBank vendor experience.
If you’re ready to move on from “business as usual,” we’re ready to help find just what it is that makes you click. Your next BIG and logical step is to JOIN ClickBank for FREE, explore our marketplace and find that SPECIAL offer to sell that will start you on your Affiliate Journey.